HotelPro from 2A Solutions is one of the Best Hotel or Food Center Management System.

The Hotel industry is changing faster now than at any other time in history. One thing that helps us manage all these changes is technology. The technology choices you make today are going to have an enormous impact on how you can grow and innovate in the future.

2A Solutions provides the one of the best Hotel Management System in the world of Technology. Our Hotel Management System helps the Hotels to run its operations faster, better, or simpler. It’s a replacement to the traditional billing machine.

 HotelPro is a revolutionary Hotel Management System, it’s a software that helps you control costs and increase profitability and performance.

  • Table Master
  • KOT Master
  • Billing, Settlement
  • Table Layout and Reservation
  • Materials Management
  • Manages Sodexo and other coupons in billing
  • Every day Financial reports
  • Change entry, Petty expenses, close balance entry as well as reports
  • Workforce Management
  • Manages home delivery bills, etc.
  • Waiter wise, Item wise, Table wise Sales Report
  • Financial Reports (Open Bill Reports, Open Table Report, Cash / Credit Card / SODEXO / Gift Vouchers Report, etc.)

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